Tsume’s 2016 year in review

By Mai-lan Kranitz • Event, HQS, Information • 5 Jan 2017

Hello everyone !

On behalf of the whole TSUME team, I wish you a Happy New Year 2017 !

I hope you enjoyed a little break at the end of year.

The year 2016 was very eventful at TSUME, always turned towards our fans, metting at events and Premium shops, organising the 4rth Tsume Fan Days and streaming LIVE.

We have also reached a new step in terms of creativity, with on one hand the making of figures that are even closer to their model, with innovating sculpting and painting, and on the other hand, the release of a new apparel collection in our IKI branch. To finish, we are also preparing a new boardgame on Terraformars.

But let’s come back in pictures to our meeting with fans in 2016.

We took part in several events through Europe and even met our American fans for the first time.

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In 2016, we took part in the setting of 3 Premium Shops in Paris, Cagnes-sur-Mer and Namur that are now displaying our latest figures.

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2016 also marked a new step in the Tsume LIVE. A stage was set up in order to improve our statues presentation, while enabling our artists to talk about their work.


Exchanges with the control room allowed for direct answers of your online questions in several languages (French, English, Italian and Spanish). And a big thank you to our friends of Itakon.it and Mechanical Japan for their help.



And finally, 2016 was also the year of our 4rth meeting with our fans during the TSUME FAN DAYS !

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By the way, we will announce the results of the different votes and contests during the LIVE that will be held at the end of the month.

As a little bonus, here is a video of an Interview of Cyril and Cedric P. made during the Fan Days by our friends of NonSoloHobby.

In 2016, we also announced the acquisition of two new licenses : BERSERK (figures and polos) and SAILOR MOON (polos).

A new collection of IKI by Tsume was released and our boardgame branch YOKA by Tsume introduced its future game on Terraformars that will be available in February 2017.

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A new branch was also created : Tsume Entertainment !

We have been able to rediscover Tokyo through some funny little videos in the series “Tokyo seen by an Idiot”, starring Dedo.

He is actually touring with his one man show “Killing Joke” à La nouvelle Seine (Paris) and made a demo of his new game “Killing Time” during the Fans Days. Tsume Entertainment is also preparing a few things for the next LIVE 😉

DEDO Killing Joke

To finish, here is a little recap of our 2016 figures.

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But we are already in 2017 ! So here is a little taste of what we have in stock for you this year.


This year you’ll be able to meet us at the following events (temporary listing) :

  • Games Festival of Cannes (24.25.26 Février in Cannes) with YOKA by Tsume
  • Made in Asia and Youplay (3.4.5 Mars in Brussels) with TSUME, IKI and YOKA by Tsume
  • Anime Expo ( Juillet in Los Angeles) with TSUME, IKI and YOKA by Tsume
  • SpielTag Essen ( Octobre in Essen) with YOKA by Tsume
  • Lucca Comics and Games ( November in Lucca) with TSUME, IKI and YOKA by Tsume


Shippings will also go on all year long. Here is the latest planning.time-line-decembre

And we are not resting, as new figures will be available to preorder soon, among which :

  • Goku et Nappa HQS by Tsume
  • Aiolos HQS by Tsume
  • Luxus HQF by Tsume
  • Mirajane HQF by Tsume
  • Hinata Xtra by Tsume
  • Minato Xtra by Tsume
  • and the Standing Characters of Naruto and Fairy Tail !

See you at the end of the month for our first LIVE of the year where we will show Portgas D. Ace HQS by Tsume ! The exact date will be announced as soon as the final valid will be received.

Regarding the other figures, no need to ask for dates, we will communicate about them in due time. Please bear with us in the mean time :)


Congratulation if you have read up to here ! You are a real fan and we are really grateful for your support. We will keep doing our best this year again to produce even more amazing products.


I’m taking this opportunity to encourage you to take part in the contest organized by Statue Forum here : SURVEY.
You can vote for Shiryu, but also for Tsume as the best Statue maker. 

We have made a lot of efforts with the implementation of an innovative LEDs system, the Tsume Live and the Tsume Fan Days. We sincerly hope that you will support us. (And I’m sure that if we win, Cyril will prepare something special ^^). 

Anyway, we wish all participants good luck !

See you soon !



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